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Mission: To Grow People

Peace makes videos to share what she learning, reading or thinking about in hopes that one person will find it helpful in becoming the person they want to be, creating the lives of their dreams and building their careers or businesses.


Peace Itimi's newsletter serves as a personal platform where she share insights and reflections on her learning journey, with the hope that readers will also gain something valuable. Every edition is a chance to pick up something new. Together, we keep learning. #WeStayLearning

Becoming Rejection Resilient

This week's issue of #WeStayLearning is inspired by Jia Jiang's Tedx Talk "What I learned from 100 days of rejection" and a recent "L' that I got. Do not stop doing what you are doing in the place you currently are.

Cycling in Amsterdam

#WeStayLearning Issue #017: I rented a bike for three days in Amsterdam; cycled for hours in Amsterdam, longer than I had ever done before. I went from mostly anxious to confident by the second day. Here's what I learned from the experience.

Reinvent Yourself

I binge-watched Inventing Anna on Netflix over the weekend. It inspired me to write today's issue, where I discuss fitting in, expanding and nurturing connections and reinventing yourself. It's a good one! Do read, share your thoughts in the comment section and share the newsletter with your network. #WeStayLearning

Self-doubt and how to overcome it

When self-doubt creeps in, don't just accept it as truth. A toolbox to help you overcome self-doubt and ensure that you don't believe what fear tells you.


Over the last 8 years, Peace has written and self-published a few books and created two courses which you can learn from on Udemy. Whether newsletter, ebooks, videos on YouTube or Instagram, courses; her goal is to inspire growth in people. PS: She'd work on new courses and books soon. :D

Goal Setting Ebook

A Guide on How to Set Smart
Goals That Would Change your Life! Behind long lasting success lies the ability to set SMART goals. This book offers a comprehensive guide on how to set goals and see them through to execution.

Growth Hacks: A Compilation

62 Lessons on Inspiration, Marketing and Self Development. This book is unique in that it reflects and focuses on growth hacks from 3 different perspectives that matter to the author and her target audience; which is Inspiration, Marketing and Self development.

3 in 1 Startup Guide for Successful Online Businesses.

This book goes over a multitude of lessons every successful business owner needs to thrive. From Advertising, to Content Marketing, Product-led Growth Hacks, Team Management and more.

Excellence in Customer Service Course

In this course, you will learn: The basics needs of a customer and how to fulfill them.
The Golden Rules of Handling Customer Complaints.
How to deal with different kinds of customers.
How to make a good first impression and put a smile on your customer/client's face.
Listening and Telephone Skills and lots more.

Customer Centric Marketing | Know, Woo & Win Your Audience

Marketing is an essential part of growth for any business. You can have the best product or service but if people don't know about it, you'd never scale; but then, marketing as we know it has evolved. With the digitalization, customers are now more informed and thus only gravitate towards brands that speak their language. The only businesses that survive in this age are those whose marketing strategies are built on and for the customers. This class is designed to teach entrepreneurs and marketers how to focus their marketing strategies on their target audience.

Global Speaker

Featured events
Vancouver, Canada


Peace will be speaking at TED2024 in Vancouver. This year's TED is the 40th anniversary of its founding, celebrating creativity, ingenuity, courage, wisdom and generosity, and it's themed The Brave and The Brilliant.

Gaborone, Botswana

Forbes Africa Summit

2024 Forbes Under 30 Summit Africa: In May 2024, the Under 30 Summit comes to Africa for its third and biggest iteration yet. Across four days in Botswana’s vibrant capital city, we will convene the most successful, innovative and impact-minded young entrepreneurs and leaders from around the continent and around the globe. Peace is excited to be a speaker.


First Bank x Women Will

This virtual session was designed to equip digital entrepreneurs with the right skills to position their businesses in a rapidly evolving digital economy. Peace spoke at the FirstGem X Google Webinar on tips for business positioning in the digital space.

Virtual | Nigeria

Greenhouse Capital

Greenshouse Capital is an operator-led venture capital firm focused on supporting early-stage fintech startups across Africa and the Middle East. Peace taught on marketing for the 4th edition of Greenhouse Capital's highly anticipated masterclass for women entrepreneurs.

Peace love's to talk about storytelling, the Africa tech ecosystem, leadership, personal branding, execution, showing up, lazy’s man guide to building habits, marketing and growth for startups, setting and hitting your goals and much more. 
- She gets excited about speaking to women and young people (creators, professionals and startup founders).
- Happy to travel anywhere.

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