Peace Itimi

is on a mission to grow people and businesses using her skills, knowledge and voice.

About Peace

Peace is multifaceted.

She has spent the last eight years leading marketing teams or consulting on growth for companies like Smile ID, Seedstars, Korapay, and Africhange, building for Africa and emerging markets. When she's not at her day job, Peace is a dedicated storyteller and teacher.

On YouTube, she has created hundreds of videos focused on teaching business, marketing or life principles and interviewing African founders on the show "Founders Connect". Peace is the executive producer and director of Innovating Africa Documentary, chronically the rise of tech in Nigeria over the last 15 years. Peace has built a brand as a global thought leader.  

As an experienced trainer, Peace has impacted the lives of thousands through her courses on platforms like Udemy and her previous work, training for Google Digital Skills, Facebook for Creators, Digital Marketing Insitute, and the British Council, amongst others. She's also a mentor for startups in the Google for Startups Accelerator Africa, Seedstars Growth Program and an active angel investor.

Peace is passionate about teaching, mentoring, and empowering individuals personally and professionally and working with founders to ideate and execute sustainable growth strategies.

Peace cares deeply about creating a platform for people to tell genuine and authentic stories, believing that stories can transcend generations and foster meaningful impact.

Peace loves Afrobeats and classical music (especially Yanni); she loves cycling, swimming, watching feel-good movies, and travelling.

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Aside from Founders Connect, I also created the 'How I' Show.
How I is a series filmed in a monologue-style featiring remarkable guests from different backgrounds who tell their personal stories of self-discovery, challenges and truimph. Through heartfelt storytelling, this shows aims to inspire, uplift and connect viewers with diverse human experiences and stories.

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