Monday, June 6, 2016

Life Lessons 2.0 | What Growing Up is Teaching Me.

Peace Itimi, Why haven't you written in so long?  

''I don't have a good enough reason but allow me to try please? Thanks.

...because so much has been going on in my inside. Because I'm growing up and figuring out who I want to be, what I want to do, & why I should bother doing the things I do. Because I have written so much in my thoughts but haven't been able to pen them now; specifically for this blog. Because.... I have been focused on something else. Bla Bla Bla. 
Truth is, I have been too Lazy and a bit distracted but mostly lazy. Forgive me alright? 
To further redeem myself, I have decided not to let another month pass without writing something down; So here it is.'''

I have been reading alot Gosh; {the feeling of light filling your heart and mind as a new revelation, information comes to you. Awesome!!!}. Learning is fun... No matter the subject, learning is fun. 

Anyway, Moving on, this post is a list of some life lessons I have deliberately learnt in last months. Some I picked from books, some from experiences, some I heard in my spirit, some came as a result of deep introspection, some well... 


Lesson one: Your life is Your Own. 
The responsibility to fail or succeed is yours. The responsibility to break away from your past experiences and from the norms in your family is yours. No! I'm neglecting the part of God but hey, God has done everything He needs to do for us. He has already given us everything that pertains to Life and Godliness. 
Everything we need to live to the fullest and be righteous is ours already, but the responsibility to put our faith to work and actually 'work' is ours. 

No matter how young or old you are,  your choices and decisions are what shape your present and your future. Stop waiting for life to happen. Stop waiting for that opportunity to pop up. Stop waiting for you to have all the money needed to start that business. Just stop waiting, and as little as the step might be, please please, take a step. The responsibility is yours.

Lesson Two: Focus Magnifies A Thing. 
Focus is like shooting a target with a laser beam; having so many different goals and aspirations at a time and working towards all of them at the same time is like shooting a target with a shotgun. The Laser beam would give exact accuracy; Shotgun? Well, you might have to try over and over again until you hit the target.

What's my point? Over time, I have grown to believe too much on focus. You know a 'unidirectional' life per time. I just feel, Focus produces more excellent results,
But, (yes there is a but), if for any reason, you have to do a zillion things at the same time, please ensure that they have a core 'relating' point. Ensure that they all lead to the attainment of that one goal. Ensure that they aren't just scattered but are all pieces of the same puzzle. Ensure that you aren't spending so much time and energy doing so many things when you could be spending lesser time and energy doing one thing and excelling excellently.

I believe that even multipotentialites and the diversely talented people can learn to put out and focus on the core strength (and or dream) and as that grows you can start diving into the other things. '
You know, start with this and grow, become a master and then try another thing, grow and try another. Unidirectional per time, until you have enough time and money and the people - all the resources to help you manage all different niches and businesses and ministries, while you sit as the oga the top, supervising the managers. Lol. 
•No jokes; that's the dream!•

Lesson three: Do it Afraid. 
This is my new mantra. 
Nobody has ever said, the journey to success is a smooth ride. A lot of times, you would have to make hard choices. Sometimes, you won't even believe in the risk you are about to take. Sometimes, you won't have an idea where that particular path is leading... Sometimes, you'd be scared out of your mind to even take a step or to make a change. 

Sometimes, the turning points, the referral points, the milestones in your life would be as a result of tough decisions. But hey, do it afraid. It might not make sense now, you may have absolutely no idea if the idea would work out or not, but please never quit. Don't stop. 

Let your fear feed you. Do it afraid. Be willing to fail as many times as possible. Be willing to fall over and over and over and over again. Be willing to look stupid again and again and again. But please, keep taking those steps. Do it afraid. Don't ever let your fear of looking stupid, or of failing; keep you from trying. Just do it, even if it's scary and you are uncertain. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all.

Write that book. Sing that song. Quit that Job. Change careers. Get married. Organise that seminar. Walk up to that role model. Do it Afraid.

Lesson Four: Deal With Issues From the Root Cause
When we deal with issues and problems on the surface, they would be recessive and silent for a while but every now and again, the 'not totally resolved' issue would come back and bite us in the a**.

Of cause, it's a lot easier to deal with things on the surface. It is easier to pretend we are okay; it is easier to put up a fake smile, to hide the wounds and pains, it is easier to put things at the back of our minds... But the thing is, easy doesn't get the work done. Easy doesn't take it away.

Though, you may seem fine, the truth is, you are not, and until you deal with and confront the root of the issue, it would never go away. Hiding wounds does not make it heal. You have to go open it up, and treat it... Dealing with it would hurt but it's better to uproot the root than down the branch, because as far as the root is intact, branches will grow back.

Go to the root. Deal with it... Let God help you. It won't be easy but it will be worth it. Life is easier and sweeter with no weights.

Lesson five: Different Paths can Make People Drift Apart
Every individual is different. Our paths are different. Our dreams are different. Purpose is individualistic.
And so, no matter how hard we try, sometimes, we would drift away from old friends. Not because the love is not there, not because one is better than the other but simply because, as you grow and begin to puruse your dreams, you just may not talk as much as you both use to.

Because even though you still are besties; the fact that at that moment, you are in different phases of life & in different paths, each pursuing individual dreams and purpose, may cause the calls and visits to reduce.

So when you notice that you haven't talked to your friend in awhile, smile and say a prayer for them, and if you can, place a call immediately before life happens again.

And if for some reasons, you totally drift apart; Know that some friends are for phases. You might have to let go every now and again so you can move and function excellently in your new level.

Lastly, for now:

Do not hold on to anger. 

When it starts fading, let it fade. Let it go.
No matter how much someone hurt you, eventually, you have got to let it go. You have got to stop hurting and to stop being angry.
You have got to let the fire quench, to heal and to move on. When you notice its dying, let it die... and live weight free.

Yeeehah! I made it.... I'd jejely jejely, post this now and by next week, I'd come back and drop another six or more lessons. lol! Don't worry, I have already jotted down the next points, so I would definitely be back and soon!
God loves you. Like, He is crazy about you.
No matter how far you might go, He is always there. You may not feel him, but He is still there and would never leave you. God loves you.

Pray for a friend today! Have a great week

Hey! Don't go yet... I have dropped some of my life lessons, I'd love to know what you think about them and some of yours too. Do drop a comment. Thanks.


  1. Awesome piece there Peace.
    One question though. How do you pause being lazy? "Get up and do it" is the obvious answer but just how do you get up when your bones are eaten up already?

    1. Well, Olayinka you just have to remind yourself that the reward you would get when you actually do it is much more than when you keep lazying around. Productive pays. Just keep telling yourself that.

  2. Great write up. I also learnt. Patiently awaiting the next post.
    This is my first comment on the blog. I go through your blog posts before now and I really like them.

    So, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I would be happy if you accept it.
    Details are on the blog. Thanks.

    1. Thanks love. Thanks for the nomination, I'd check it out.

  3. Amazing Insights Itimi.. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you for being someone that makes me smile by default in all the while.. Thank you for always Itimi.,, Best Wishe moving forward. Mamba out! xx


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