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Embrace the uncertain; Start Now (GUEST)

Peace itimi

As humans, we are uncertain about some things like when we may die, who we may meet on the way tomorrow.  Nonetheless, these things are the spice of life like surprises. Sometimes, you feel as though some people were giving a handbook for life, except you. Do you keep waiting for that special moment when you will finally say “yes I’ve made it” and you feel like you're on top of the world?

Why are you waiting? Start now and act. Most times when we keep on waiting for that special moment when we arrive, we may find out that those special moments may never come. Instead, we work to make them happen. If you want to be an excellent speaker or a prolific writer, you don’t have to wait for a special moment—you start writing, speaking and later that moment comes.
We create what we want to see. The life you live now is the 10years you had envisioned way back. Personally, I’ve had to start over on many things I had done and I know what it feels like to start over again—except for companies, though. It will always feel like you're starting from scratch again. It will kind of seem like there are so many uncertainties against you. You may have asked, "Should I really be doing this now?" yes! If you don’t start now, to build the life we want, someone else will hire you to build theirs. And at such, when you start it’s bound to be a head-on collision with those uncertainties in your head.

Here are ways to embrace uncertainties to kick start your engine:

1. Change what you think about imperfection.
We are imperfectly perfect. But most times, we use “perfection” as a shield to hide from our true gifts. Our imperfections aren’t our faults, but a demonstration of our innate unique gift we use to see our strengths more clearly. So, it’s important you change the way you think about “imperfection”.

2. Don’t depend on  the onion of others
Yes, people’s opinion matters but don’t depend on them. Most people have lost control of their life in this fast paced world. Thus, believe it is unsafe to do the unthinkable. When actually, the unthinkable turn out to be the extraordinary.

3. Be a risk taker.
When we aim to start something new, our minds get flooded with myriads of uncertain reasons not to. Who are you not to? If names like Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas A. Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Dangote, Dora Akunyili, Alakija, Robert Kiyosaki and so on didn’t make the move they made, would we hear of them today. I came to realize that risk takers are awesome achievers. When we take a risk, we drift off our comfort zone into a learning zone. We can reframe outcomes that didn’t go as planned not as mistakes, but as an opportunity to learn something new and get feedbacks.

4. Believe you can do it
This is something immense. No matter the words being poured out or the amount of books you read, if you don’t believe that you could, then nothing will happen. You’ve got to believe something will change for it to change. Know this, you're an enviable pace setter, an extraordinary achiever the genes of champions are inside of you what’s left is for you to simply believe.

5. Know you're more than enough
You need to let go of the stories you tell yourself and filter the stories you hear about where you are supposed to be. You are becoming who you are each passing day. There’s no arrival point. Whenever I feel like I’m downcast like I’m hitting no head way, I Start by saying short affirmations like “I’m enough”,” I’m unique”, “I can do it”. You could get them written in cards or a note pad—whatever you could get your eyes on daily, to help guide you.

6. Choose self-esteem over self-pity. 
As humans, we could feel this way once in a while. It takes a little mind shift to toss it. Most times, we often respond to rejections and failures by becoming self-critical—listing all our faults and shortcomings, calling ourselves names, and basically kicking ourselves like I did, when we are feeling low. If there’s one programme we could all start that would do wonders for our self-esteem, it’s abolishing needless self-criticism and punitive self-talk by imbibing the power of self-love. And that programme is actually free! It’s high time you stopped all that because it daunts and dents your Self-worth which could, in turn, bring about low self-esteem.

Build the kind of life you won’t like to take a vacation from. In life, there's a constant which is change.

To fully embrace uncertainties, we must replace fear of the unknown with curiosity; self-hate with self-love; anger with happiness. With a curious mindset, we are set to see the new horizons that point in the direction of our dreams. Embrace those odds and start now.

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Precious Kc George
Precious Kc George is a writer and geek. He has a blog where he shares
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