Saturday, December 26, 2015

The People And The Things That Made 2015 My Best Year Yet.

Hi there! It’s been a long while... I apologize, I wasn’t consistent on here all year...and recently it got worse. I kept wanting to write but I just couldn’t, most articles got stuck in my head and I’m not one for forcing myself to write plus recently I have been dealing with me and wasn’t really settled enough to write something I felt was going to be good enough for you to read.. yes! I always like to ensure you have a good read. *winks*

Anyway, this post is about my 2015. It’s been my most eventful year YET, I have grown tremendously in all areas of my life and I had awesome and insightful experiences...  

Sometimes, I look back at how far I have come, how much I have grown and I know it could have only been God's handiwork. I'm here thinking specifically about the last four years of my life. How at the end of each year, I'm amazed at how great a year it was and then the next year comes and completely blows my mind. It's like God keeps proving His love for me and keeps reminding me that of a truth, the latter would always be better than the formal
2014 was awesome, but this year was nothing compared to it. I see the process God is taking me through more clearly everyday. I see how every year has been a stepping stone from the last, to the next; how each lesson, each challenge is for the bigger picture. It's exciting.

So, been thinking of the best way to write this 2015 review but I couldn't really figure it out, so I would just write notes on the highlights of my year in no particular order.

Drum-roll please...
and now, i present to you, my 2015 Highlights!!! Yaaaay

1)       PUBLIC SPEAKING... Even before I knew I liked I.T, digital marketing et al, I had discovered I had a flair for public speaking. And so since August 2013, i wrote in my journal that I was going to be a public speaker and would speak at at-least three events before Dec 31st 2015. Now, between February and December 2015, I spoke at more than 10 different events in Abraka, Port Harcourt, Warri, Owerri, Oleh and Ozoro to a total number of at least 300 persons. The day I opened that journal and saw that goal, I cried...because then it was more of wishful thinking but the time I read it again two years later, it was a reality. 
(Explicitly write down your goals before you enter the new year. It doesn't matter how outrageous and impossible that goal may seem, just write it down).

2)      CAREER... Let’s just say in 2015, I harnessed skills which I was passionate about and started making tiny tiny money. And then during Shiloh, I prayed to God for a business idea because I wanted to start making real cash, and He gave one... nothing big but something that would yield capital for greater things... 
(Stepping stones).

3)      SCHOOL... Yes I graduated in 2015 from the department of Medical Biochemistry and Genetics. School this year was cool; I got to leave alone (sort of... Thing is, somehow, from nowhere, I ended up having a roommate.. uninvited but welcomed roomie), I got to juggle between Google, Medical Biochemistry, CFi Abraka, CFi Head office and trying out a career.  This year I saw myself try so hard in school and yet not excel like I was supposed to. I saw myself have the most amazing seminar presentation my class had ever seen yet the result surprised the whole class. I saw myself read and read for exams I had little interest in. I saw myself try out a real die hard competition for the first time and came out strong with my team.

This year, I saw me do church work in school like never before... juggle between chapter and national position... I saw me be a leader, one whose key leadership strengths are delegation, prioritization and taking initiative. I saw me interview and pick new executives for my fellowship as I handed over. This year, I saw me write my last undergraduate exam...and got two awards from my class... (Most eloquent and most exceptional female student), 'Yes! I'm dope like'

So yes!... 2015 was an awesome year in school, from registering Google Club (oh boy, the stress and frustration this cost me), to holding Google events, to doing GOMC, to Seminar presentation, writing final exams, receiving awards from my class and from CFi Abraka, down to crying on my send-forth day in CFi because I felt fulfilled, to meeting and inspiring amazing people, to having the best roomie ever (Gabo), to slapping Fumnanya (tongue out), to Derick eating all my junk, to Ejay having seizure in my room (giving me heart attack), to Meeting Kush.... Final year was awesome! I graduated well. 
(God’s grace is always sufficient. He would never give us what is too much for us to handle, whether it is challenges, temptations, or responsibilities).

4)      MY TWO BESTIES (male and female) had amazing things happen for them this year. Justice became born again, again and Jay got married... Justice dumped the stupid junkie jackass and took on the good boy I love and respect plenty... (Yes! He had an encounter and got born again again..... and no one was happier than I because finally, we could really connect (not just intellectually and ambitiously but also spiritually). And to seal the deal, God set this prayer date for two of us and woo, it was an encounter for me. Imagine a friend coming to see you just for gist sake and you guys end up talking Bible the whole time and the next thing you know, you both are praying and prophesying for over an hour.. boy! It was awesome... first time experience with a friend so yes! double awesome

...And then Jennifer, my very own love met, loved and married her boo. I met Jay about 4years ago in my 100l and one of the first things I got to know about her was her dream to marry and start a family early. So last weekend when she got a married I couldn’t help but cry... my baby got her dream (to an amazing man)... okay, I’m about to cry again.

(God makes everything beautiful in His time).

5)      SINCERE PRAYERS: This year I prayed so many sincere prayers (like really deep-full of emotions-unconventional prayers); once when a lecturer threatened that he would ensure I fail his course, once when my mum called that she was terribly sick and her PCV was 15%, once when I was scared I was going to choose wrong leaders for my fellowship, another when my friend had seizures and I thought she was going to die in my hands, another when I felt my friend was making a decision too soon, another when my friend lost her mum, another when I was tired of dealing with an issue over and over again, another when I needed a miracle, yet another when I needed an idea really bad, and another when i was about to hurt a friend and needed a way out of it.... this year wasn’t all rosy.. There were days I was dooooooown, days I cried till I had no more tears, my heart broke again and again and again this year. I made bad decisions... hasty decisions but God was there all through, answering my prayers, taking away pains and sorrow and making me smile again.
(The ernest prayer of the ‘Righteous’ shall never be cut short).

6)      FRIENDSHIPS: First of all, I have the most amazing friends ever, the ones that make me dream and work my ass off, the ones that help me with God, the ones that I inspire and so indirectly ensure that I keep growing, the ones I just joke and play around with....From Darlington to Chisom, Kaiser, Kush, Jennifer, Joy, Gabriel, Justice, Fumnanya etc.. Awesome peeps!  Some I met this year, some I re 'met' this year, some the bond grew stronger this year and then this year, I also lost some connections too, the bond loosened a bit with some, and it broke totally with one... lessons learnt, no regrets.And of cause, How can I forget  to mention Ada, my first  official  millionaire  friend. She went to Project  Fame and came out in Top five... AWESOME! 
(People come, People Go... Enjoy the now, make memories, treasure memories, learn and never try too hard to keep a friendship that shouldn't last too long. Always remember, some friendships are for a phase).

7)      DATING: a big lol. I didn’t date this year ‘dance dance dance’, Haven’t dated in 1 year and nine months ... proud of me eh, you have no idea. Thing is... between my ss3 and 200l, I was practically serial dating... then I found Jesus... (lmao)... okay (i’m kidding) , I meant I grew up and decided to stop dating just because he is cute and smart and I want to have a boyfriend.. Yes I grew up and found Jesus (lol). I just grew up really, and decided to give me at least one year break (like c’mon, I figured I needed time to figure out myself and what i wanted in a guy and in a relationship)... Well, that one year has slowly become almost two... you see as we grow older, and deeper, our perspectives change and choices are made for different reasons... as I grew I became more aware of me, my needs, my emotional stability and instability, tastes, thoughts, dreams and well, dating just didn’t fit in last year and this year at all...This year especially was filled with too many responsibilities, too much juggling and well, I didn't see any guy I connected with enough to date (the principles of chemistry and compatibility in Relationships were not at work in my life this year at So you get?

At one point this year, actually at so many points, my friends (Justice, Gabriel, and Fumnanya) called me a robot... (especially Justice and Gabriel... and Fumnanya) mtcheeww...they said I didn’t have feelings no more cause I wasn’t even crushing on anyone, well I shamed all of them recently when suddenly, from nowhere, I had this mighty crush. Damn! The nigga broke the ice! So shame on them, I still have feelings... lol. God and work didn’t take all of it.  Don’t be too excited, i would still finish 2015 single... but the good news is .....I believe I'm ready. The wall has been crushed.. lol

8) Some dear friends used to tell me some two years ago that I would outgrow the tomboy thing. Then ‘I say na lie’.... but recently I realized its happening, I’m slowly steadily becoming more girly oo.. chai! Tah! Don’t be too excited, would always love sneakers and trousers and headset and no makeup but well, the other side of me is beginning to show up.

2015 was learning and a starting year for me. I learnt soooooo much and I’m not just saying it. I learnt so much in leadership, in business, in friendships, with God, in working under people, in academics.... I learnt and I have grown. 
I cried, I  laughed, I was robbed, I was traumatized, but all in all I grew and you know what the awesomest part is? I say a better 2016.
Yes! God has promised that in 2016, I will Occupy and Move from Glory to Glory to Glory To Glory To Glory. 2016 goals? Serve God. Do Ministry!!!
  • Cheers to Gabriel... You made my final year in school.
  • Cheers to Justice... Twinny of life... you inspire me big time!!!
  • To Darlington... For been the awesomest and most solid guy in my life this year. For being there. Loves you plenty!!! #white2016
  • To Jennifer... You are the most annoying but I love you anytime, any day.
  • To Kush... You got the heart, you inspire me, and you challenge me.
  • To Chisom... thanks for always having my back, for having the right words when I need it, for the laughs, for being a friend... I admire and appreciate you.
  • To Baby B, you are so soft and so cute and have so much inside of you...
  • To Fumnanya, thanks for being you... you always made me smile (and angry) but I love you and you have amazing potentials. You and Gabo.
  • To Duru... Somehow you were constant even when I wasn’t consistent.
  • To ...., for breaking the ice.
  • To Kaiser, for bringing ideas, for challenging me, for the laughs, for our dreams...
  • To CFi Abraka... To CFi head office... for letting me serve... For giving me a platform to grow... For the frustration, annoyance, stress and the people service in CFi has brought to my life.
  • To Gift Ekim... for those late night calls I loved... for always making me smile.. You bring Joy.
  • To Joy.. For being there since S.S1. We have come a long way. Thanks for always staying in touch.
  • To Mfon Ekpo....There was no inspiration like yours this year. I’m glad I met you and listened to you speak.
  • To everyone on the blog.
  • To everyone on my BBM (too many to mention)... See eh, I love you guys, all of you. Thanks for connecting with me.
  • To Juliet Esiri.... For the amazing conversations we had in class.

  • TO Ada,  For that our special connection... For making me proud in Project Fame. 
  • To Micheal Ekanem and the allure graphix crew.... Thank you for awesome jobs done this year and our awesome partnership. Mike, thanks for never letting me down... You made my year, wouldn't have done CFi publicity without you...
  • To Steve Harris for that Instagram S/O that meant more than a million words.
  • To Tobore Oro Edema, for always achieving more...You inspire me senseless...come and be my mentor na *crying*
  • To MBC Class of 2015, We made it... Onyesom, Awhin, and couldn't stop us. 
  • To you, For reading this.

You all made my year.


  1. been a great year indeed.....
    ehhnnn...sincerely speaking... twas your tomboyish nature that attracted me to you...
    and I think ya becoming more ladyish...
    meanwhile.... shout out to the....... for breaking the ice

  2. I see you had a Great year! It appears we have some similar experiences. Cheers to 2016.

  3. Lovely piece. Thank you too for those wonderful talks. The best part of this piece is finding out that Justice is now a brother in the faith. Greater grace for him. Keep shining dearie

  4. I stalked you from the beginning not because I didn't have what to do but because I knew you were worth my time. I watched you grow this year in leaps and bounds, you are one of the reasons I didn't give up this year. I am glad your 2015 was awesome.

  5. Thanks for being authentic. I enjoy reading authentic blogs.

  6. **In Lili Kesh's voice.. Skibo robo Skibo... Skibor Robor Skibor Osheyy BaDDest! Ghen ghen! Eeezz not a joking things sma sam oh!! Biko Sound the alarms.. Spread the word.. beat teh gong.. let the Town Criers and Emails start to go out PIB Gang.. cause OUR Peace Itimi e haf fall in LoFF nwantintin.. heheheh **Wears Cheeky smile.. Oh so wow! this was a ghen ghen Post and i must say Bubba.. that eet eezz oh! so endearing that you kept all these people at heart and said so nice things about ALL of them..

    Holl uP! just Holl uP eh! Mbok Did i read Duru up dia?! Ghen ghen! Eezz not a Joking sturvzz eh! cause a neFer hexspeRRed eeet Sam sam.. :) Thank you so much Itimi.. @ would be proud.

    For the Record yeah Baby mi.. You are an Amazing Child to the Tee.. and the world is awaiting your manifestation of Laiffee. Thank GOD for the miracles of good health on Mother and your Friend.. Thank GOD for great Heights achieved.. Thank GOD for Peace Itimi.. Oya Bye bye.. Cheers to a lit 2016 my Happiness.. Oshey baDDest!

    At Ice Breaker.. Mbok.. Hurt her not oh :)

  7. Thanks for awesome New Year reading! I am inspired! I wish you that 2016 is even better than 2015! God bless you!


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