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What to do when you are in The Waiting Period...

 Time waits for no one
There are times in life when the going gets hard. When you try and try but yet nothing is happening. Times when you feel stuck. You feel you should have passed through that phase but you are not moving yet. Recently I felt like that. I wrote my last undergraduate exam August 28, 2015 and almost three months after I haven’t defended my project, just because my department is slow and annoying.  I began to feel angry at a time, because I had things lined up that I wanted to do, and had had to pass out on opportunities just because I’m technically not done with school and so cant officially relocate yet. I was mad for awhile, but then I let it go because it was no use using up my energy for something I had no power over.  Anyway a friend called me one day and in a bit to console me, was saying how he strongly feels that this is a waiting period and that I’m strongly feeling stuck for a reason. At that time I didn’t want to agree because it was just project defense (which in my mind was my department fault and nothing else).  Fast forward to five days later,
I had an encounter with God (that marked the beginning of a new phase) and that’s when I realized for a fact that I was in a waiting period and didn’t know. This post though is to share on how to go through a waiting period. Enjoy!

1) Know your purpose and Remember God’s promises: A preacher once said ‘Don’t forget what God said to you when things are tough’. There are times when it would seem like you are not moving forward, but if you keep the things God told you concerning you close to your heart at these times, you can use those words of affirmations and scriptures to counter doubtful thoughts. There are times when it would seem like you are on the wrong path, it would seem like the struggle to succeed is too much or taking too long but when for a fact you know your purpose, you would always be able to retrace your steps (if need be) or take solace knowing that since you are in line, success is sure. There are times, I live by default and not deliberately and when I realize what’s going on, I begin to weigh my actions, my write ups, my dreams and ambitions with my purpose and if they are not in line with what God has told me I was created to do or who He has promised I would be, I retrace my steps. 

 Remember His word

When I remember God’s promises, I feel peace, the peace that passeth all understanding. The peace that comes when you do not know the how, or the why but you just know  that because God has said it and His word would never return to him void, then so it would be, in His own time and in His own way.

2) Fellowship with God: The major reason why people find it hard to go through a waiting period is because of lack of intimacy with God. By constantly keeping in touch with God, our faith is built up, our joy and peace in God is renewed. No matter how hard life may be, just stepping into God’s presence can bring an amazing reassurance. Just stepping into God’s promise can give you the courage to go through another day, smiling.
                                                  intimacy with God
One thing I have learnt is that there is an instruction/direction for every season and a reason for every delay. If we don’t constantly go to God for our daily bread, we would be stuck in the same position because we have not heard nor obeyed the instruction he has for us. Don’t remain where you should have left months or years ago simply because you did not pay attention to the instruction God has been giving you. God told me two days ago that He doesn’t keep us in a phase a second longer than we are supposed to be there. He said immediately, the purpose has been accomplished, immediately the lesson has been learnt, he takes to you the next level but a lot of us do not access the new level either because we haven’t prayed our way into it, or we have neglected an instruction.        

3) Be in good company: The influence of people in our lives cannot be overestimated. They mar or make us, consciously or unconsciously. Every now and again, self motivation won’t work, there would be times when you are too down to bring yourself up, that is when the place of great, Godly, tough and wise friends come in. It is at those times, when you cannot confidently mutter words of affirmation that you need friends who can pray for and with you (Oh trust me, fellowship in church is great, but fellowship with a friend or two? Amazing!!!), friends who would encourage you, motivate you and correct you when need be
Only a good friend would tell you when your mouth stinks, only a good friend would tell you your mouth don’t stink even when you think it does.  You need friends who would check up on your growth and faith level from time to time. Friends who can be accountability partners when you really can’t discipline or motivate yourself.  We should not be afraid to change the dimension of a relationship if it is not helping you grow.

e Enjoy your waiting period. Laugh hard, Pray a lot, Have great, faith building and mind stimulating conversations and most importantly, find and grasp tightly as many life lessons as available.

Much love!


  1. The waiting period gets hard most times and we find ourselves depreciating instead of growing most times but truly according to your post God is ever present and friends like you always encouraging. Great piece dear keep shining.

  2. Great piece Peace. It's encouraging and timely

  3. Hey peace nice of you to share thoughts about your experience. These points are essential to building a stronger bond with those who love us.

  4. "I’m technically not done with school"

    Hiya Itimi.. So first off yeah. **Folds imaginary sleeves.... please lemme tackle and battle and deal with the quoted extract above... May I?! TECHNICALLY NOT DONE ke?! Dear Baby mi.. I beg you in the name of Kaduna- Jos... Please do not let Mantra or Dogma control your life.. Find ways to be busy and to thrive regardless..Maximize opportunities, volunteer, pick up meager jobs.. just Do IT! All because the world no! Nigeria believes in a "process" doesnt mean that amazingly excellent people like you cannot thrive regardless.. Trust GOD and just do it. Dont wait to be TECHNICALLY DONE before you start to make an impact.. Pretty please nne. Volunteers Itimi.. Write a book.. Grow.

    Now this post is apt like that. Why because I have been there and i am still there.. and i am learning a lot about Patience and Trusting GOD.. and please Itimi toh sure.. hear these words coming from a very experienced lips.. Here they are; Let go of your worries.. and dance like no one is watching.. cause as the great Janyl Benyl taught me on December 30 2013 yeah.. "A heart of gratitude open doors of opportunities" Not a heart of Worries.. but of Gratitude..

    Insha Allah yeah.. You will be alright Itimi.. Just don't lose the light.. #TheFutureProject (Make wisdom out of what that hashtag does to your mind.. ) Cheers Nne. xx

    1. Hiya Itimi.. My Friend toh Smart.. Blogger toh beiauRRiful :) I know that ya literally gonna come and goan kill me for this yeah.. But **Scratches head.. we nominated thee for the Sisterhood of the world Award" Biko I beg you in the name of HP, dont ask how I got nominated eh! just use Your church mind and take up the challenge.. Pretty please Bubba..

      P.S: My kweshions are as confused as ayam oh! So.. **Clears Throat.. be very AFRAID :)

      Please see the link here:

      How are you nne?!

  5. great post i must commend you... first timer here...

  6. Hi darling, how are you today? I love this, another great post.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Check out my new post if you're interested:
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you for posting this. The Bible says there is seed time and harvest. We fail to see it but there is time between seed and harvest. So, if you've sowed your seed, it's time for time (lol), so, wait. The harvest is surely going to come. It's a matter of time.


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